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Futureproofing Europe: Investing in an ageing population

Event date: 28 November 2023
Organiser: Invest Europe

As part of the European Retirement Week, Invest Europe hosted this webinar to discuss how targeted investments can help Europe prepare for an ageing population.

Speakers included:
1. Dirk-Jan Schyvinck, Author of the book “What if we live to be 100?” & Programme Manager on Ageing and Longevity at Birdhouse;
2. Jan-Willem Callebaut, Managing Partner of Birdhouse;
3. Suzanne Wisse–Huiskes, Member of the InvestEU Fund’s Investment Committee.
4. Martin Bresson, Public Affairs Director at Invest Europe (Moderator).

Wake up to the pension challenge: the results of Insurance Europe's third pan-European pensions survey

Event date: 28 November 2023
Organiser: Insurance Europe

Closing the communication pension gap – How to provide better information to members and beneficiaries?

Event date: 30 November 2023
Organiser: European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP) and PensionsEurope

The first panel of this joint webinar focused on the EU legislative agenda on the topic of improving communication for members and beneficiaries. During the second panel recent relevant European initiatives were discussed and pension funds’ best practices and actions on what makes good communication for participants were highlighted.

The contribution of capital markets and asset managers to good defined contribution pension outcomes

Event date: 1 December 2022
Organiser: EFAMA

A webinar where the OECD kicked off with the findings of their study showing how different investment strategies would have performed for different cohorts of plan members contributing to DC plans, using historical data covering the 1900-2021 period. This was followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion on how asset managers can assist pension savers to navigate the current difficult market environment, with guests from Natixis Investment Managers, Capital Group, Erasmus University Rotterdam and EIOPA.

Real Estate: Helping to meet Europe's pension needs

Event date: 1 December 2022

A joint INREV-EPRA event that featured academic and investor perspectives on how pension funds' and insurers' investments in real estate deliver long-term stable income streams that match their pension liabilities. Real estate's benefits as long-term investments, the diversification value it adds for better risk-adjusted returns and its contribution to the built environment supporting the needs of older citizens were also discussed.

Wake up to the pension challenge — spotlight on the pension gender gap

Event date: 30 November 2022

A stimulating short exchange between Mary Collins, senior policy & advocacy coordinator at the European Women's Lobby, and Mariya Mincheva, vice-president of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, on the role of financial literacy in reducing the pension gender gap. The discussion is moderated by Insurance Europe's Nicolas Jeanmart. Our webinar also features a special guest: Professor Vera Hoorens from KU Leuven.

European Retirement Week launch event

Event date: 28 November 2022

Policy recommendations from the organizing associations of European Retirement Week. Video shown at the 2022 launch event on 28 November.

European Retirement Week launch event

Event date: 28 November 2022

Speech by Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, at the launch event of the 2022 European Retirement Week.

The future of DC pensions – how to create a thriving DC market in Europe

Event date: 2 December 2021
Organiser: EFAMA

An informative and thought-provoking discussion between Gabriel Bernardino (EIOPA), Pablo Antolin (OECD), Patrick Tissot-Favre (Amundi), Kristof Woutters (Candriam) and Ankul Dage (Vanguard) on creating a thriving defined-contribution market for pensions in Europe, moderated by Jonathan Lipkin, Chair of EFAMA's Pensions Standing Committee.

Wake up to the pension challenge

Event date: 2 December 2021
Organiser: BETTER FINANCE/EBF/Insurance Europe

A stimulating short exchange between BETTER FINANCE’s Aleksandra Mączyńska, the European Banking Federation’s Wim Mijs and Insurance Europe’s Michaela Koller on the importance of financial literacy in boosting pension resilience. Special guest: Anne Nolan, associate research professor at Ireland's Economic and Social Research Institute.

Investing in the Future

Event date: 1 December 2021
Organiser: PensionsEurope

This webinar focused on pension opportunities and planning, alternative investments, the impacts of ethical investments on the pension landscape, and the challenges and trends for 2021 and beyond. Next to that, Investing in the Future also discussed how Pension Tracking Services and Dashboards could be developed.

Pension pots and how to fill them — providing for old age

Event date: 1 December 2021
Organiser: Insurance Europe

Featuring a keynote speech by Helmut Schwarzer of the International Labour Organization (ILO), a presentation of Insurance Europe's second Pan-European Pension Survey results and a panel discussion based on the survey findings between Elsa Favre-Baron (OECD), Ilka Houben (GDV) and Justin Wray (EIOPA).

Launch event

Event date: 29 November 2021

In 2021, Europe’s first ever Retirement Week was launched with a keynote speech by European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness and quick-fire contributions from the participating associations on the key priorities for pensions and trends shaping the pensions landscape.